Other Legal Services That You Need To Be Aware Of

The law profession and industry is not just about representing clients in courts to win criminal and civil cases. On the contrary, this industry is quite broad that they are specific types of lawyers that specializing on certain laws and cases. Most people are not aware of this, but there are other legal services that you can avail, depending on the legal expertise that you might be needing.


Here are some of them:


  • Contract drafting

Contracts and business agreements are not just ordinary papers. These documents contain specific stipulations that is agreed by the client and the company. The provisions and stipulations need to be specific to a letter to ensure that everything is covered. Which is why the expertise of lawyers in UAE is needed when drafting a contract.


By having legal experts work on this kind of document, you can ensure that contract specifics will address the concerns of both parties and it will serve a guide on implementing the agreement. It will also make the document legally-binding.


  • Patent registration

Cases of copyright infringement is common in the industry, which is why registering your patent and trademark is a must. But going through this process has legal implications. For one, you need to ensure that you are legally owning a specific trademark and no one will be allowed to use it in the future. You need the guidance of a lawyer to know the ins and outs of commercialization of intellectual properties. A competent IP lawyer can also help you draft trademark use conditions, if and when someone asked permission to use your intellectual property.


  • Execution of last wills and testaments

This legal service might be familiar to some, but they are still wondering what would be the role of a lawyer in this case. For one, a lawyer can help draft a fair and legally-binding will. He can also advice clients if the provisions that he wants to include is legal and not breaking any laws. And he is also responsible on making sure that the instructions stated in the will is being done the way the clients wants it to be.


  • Property transfers

Transferring properties is not just done by giving your assets to someone else. There is a legal process that should be followed and that is where a lawyer can help. The property lawyer can help to legally transfer any property and process documents needed to make the transfer permissible and binding.

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