Questions to ask before you go for the safari tour

When someone decided to go for the private overnight desert camping Dubai tour then there are several questions that came in to the minds of them. They need to get the answers of all of them so that they can go and enjoy fully without any worry. You can ask these questions form the people who already have the experience or form the service provider of the private desert safari Dubai as they will guide you the best. Following are some questions to ask from your tour instructor:

When is the departure time? The first question is obviously about the time when you people will leave your home for the journey. The answer is that if you are going for the morning safari desert tour then you will leave at the 8 am and if you are going for the evening desert safari then you have to leave at the 3 in the afternoon.

When I will come back? With the departure time you should also know about the time when you will come back home. It is necessary to know that because you have to tell your family about this. When you are going for morning safari then you will reach back around 3 in the afternoon and if you have the evening safari then you will come back at the 8 in the night. There are different timings for the overnight safari that will starts after 8 pm.

What is included? Most of the times when you pay for the safari visit then you will get a lot of items free of cost in that amount but this differ according to the service provider. Most of the times you will get pick and drop facility along with the camping facility at the safari. You will also get the free supply of water and dates to enjoy there.

What is not included? When you are going you have to ask about the things which are not included. The facility of dune buggy, quad bike, camel ride and dune bashing is not included in the amount you have paid before. If you want any of these or all of these then you have to pay for them additionally. You can pay before or at that time.

All of this information is important so that you can know what to expect during your desert safari trip.