Theatre Scene in Dubai

Good news for all of you who love and enjoy going to theatre or attending drama classes is that if you end up in Dubai for a while – you will have a chance to do that. Dubai developed a lot in the past few decades when it comes to theatre, acting and drama in general. The main reason for that is probably the increasing amount of expats and tourists who were becoming hungrier for this kind of content. Nowadays you can go see a musical, opera, and many theatre shows. Some of world known theatre directors and actors go to Dubai to have their premiers there and to collaborate with UAE people from their branch.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is well known theatre venue in Dubai. It can host up to 500 viewers at once. Apart from theatre shows, they often put operas, concerts, ballets, magician shows and many other kinds of events in their program. English Nationial Theatre performed their adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays right there.

Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre (Ductac) is known for being opened and welcoming not only for professionals, but also from amateur and marginalized artists and at companies; perfect place to buy a ticket for something not that ordinary. One more of their activities is organizing many different artistic workshops and seminars.

Backstage is very specific organization. Some people say that it is more of a social institution than a theatre, because they welcome anyone who wants to be involved with the process of directing, acting or writing screenplays for theatre. They are absolutely non-profit community. It is always free to get in one of their events; apart from theatre performances they often host different social events where people from all backgrounds, but with one same interest, can gather around and exchange their thoughts and experiences.

Almost every theatre space in Dubai has Bollywood shows thrown all the time. People from UAE are great admirers of Bollywood production. One of those shows might be a perfect choice for you if you love to see colorful scene with a lot of beautifully choreographed dances and a lot of singing.

If you are lucky enough to go to Dubai in spring time, you might catch some of the performances in Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre. Their main goal is to raise the awareness of artistic expression through drama and theatre in general and to involve as much young people as possible in the creative process. They award young and accomplished actors and directors every year which is very stimulating four the growth and development of theatre youth.

Lollipop Theatre is the one you are looking for if you want to take your child to a show. You can also rent them for your kid’s private birthday party or any other event where there will be many youngsters.

Dubai theatre scene is actually very wide and there is something for all of you.